4 Ultimate strategy - A Successful WhatsApp Marketing for your Business


Today marketers are started focusing more on messaging apps and bot technology. What comes to our mind when we hear Social Networking Platforms? Probably Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,
and  Linkedin. We know that WhatsApp is the worldwide most popular messaging app with more than 1.2 Billions monthly active users. 

User Statistics:

  • 70% Users use WhatsApp Daily.
  • 2nd Most used messaging app.
  • 55 Billion message are sent through WhatsApp everyday.
  • 175 Billion people use WhatsAPP status daily.
  • 100 Million Voice  calls are made every day.
  • 55.6% Top messaging ...

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How to Use Hashtag for different Social Media Platform?


Ever wonder how the game of hashtag had begun? Knowing the concept and understanding it has two different meaning.

Many of us are using the hashtag but are we focusing on the right hashtag, if not! It is a waste of valuable marketing time. 
Well! The hashtag was first introduced to Twitter on 23rd August 2007 by Chris Messina. Before this, the hash (or pound) symbol had been used in various ways around the web, which helped Chris in developing his ...

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Check how SMS Marketing can leverage your Fitness Center?

As the new year is approaching we are going to witness a lot of new registration on membership because every beginning of the year starts with a lot of new year’s resolution and no wonder, 100 out of 80 people mark fitness in their resolution list.

With the rise of social media especially Instagram with more than 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018, staying & looking fit has become a major trend among the youths.Though Instagram fitness ...

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SMS Marketing: Winning Strategy in Political Campaign?


With the rise in mobile phone users, many politicians are turning its way to connect with their audience through mobile as one cannot underestimate the power of mobile phones and of course the power of social media.Though in many cases social media proves to be a boon but one cannot deny that social media can either make or break one political career.The minimum age for voting is 18 yrs old, which believes that most of the teenagers attaining age 18 ...

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SMS Marketing for E-Commerce


When you are into e-commerce you know how every tool for driving sales are important in order to get a great ROI. There are multi marketing options these days and finding the right way to promote your e-commerce can be quite a task. SMS Marketing with its unique feature will allow you to reach your customers wherever they are. 

Many of the e-commerce merchants are not using this tool as many aren’t aware of its potential though they have given a digital platform ...

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SMS Marketing for Jewellery Shop


Indians are very fond of Jewelry especially during the festive season you will find women covering themselves with jewelries from head to toe. Indian traditional look is incomplete without Maang Tika and not to surprise yourself when you see one wearing a gold on their legs in the form of Payal or a toe ring. Jewelries play a vital role in Indian culture, it is the essence of Indian Shringar.

Indians are very emotional and get personal when it comes to ...

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8 Most Common Mistakes you should avoid in SMS Marketing

Everyone commits mistakes but learning from the old mistake will prevent committing the same mistake. Therefore, when you run your SMS campaign make sure you don’t commit these mistakes.

It may take you some time to discover the best SMS practice however with these things in mind, will help you reduce your pitfalls and keep up your SMS game:

Using Poor Call-To-Action:  Many of the SMS Marketing fails to capitalize due to poor Call-To-Action or not providing a concise Call-To-Action ...

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SMS Sender ID Prefixes in India


A prefix in SMS Messages are the first two characters in the Sender ID. The first alphabet represent the name of the operator and the second alphabet represent the location.  A Sender ID is the address of the Sender. With the help of a Sender ID we can easily make out from where we are receiving those messages. 
Before we discuss further, let us first see the different types of Sender ID we have:-

 Alphabets Sender ID- It is the message ...

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BEST SEO PRACTICE : The Ultimate Guide Of On-Page SEO 


On-Page SEO is a short term that encapsulates all the factors you need for web page optimisation within the website like good quality content, user-friendly interface, html code optimization for higher ranking and to reach higher traffic. On-Page however equally complement with the Off-Page SEO which is based in creating Inbound link and social bookmarking.

There are hundreds of SEO factors both On-Page and Off-page which determine ranking and visibility. SEO demands keep on changing as Google’s algorithm keeps on changing ...

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How SMS Marketing Can Help Schools and Colleges


SMS Marketing is the most effective communication medium for schools and colleges. SMS from school to parents is an effective tool for communication as it acts as a connecting bridge in keeping the school, parents, and students in the loop. It will notify and keep them updating of things going on in and out of the school/college premises. Text messages are cost-effective but its outcome on educational can be invaluable. It increases the parent's involvement in their child’s performances and ...

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SMS Marketing for Food and Hospitality


SMS marketing becomes very essential for industries. SMS marketing is not only for attracting new customers, it can be also used for brand promotions. Despite the growth of other communication and marketing channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and email, SMS Marketing remains one of the primary communication channels. Research shows that SMS messages have 98% open rate.

Where email open rate is below 20%. More than 90% of SMS are opened less than 3 minutes after they received. Research shows that SMS ...

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SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing – Advantages of SMS Marketing


SMS marketing and Email marketing these two marketing tools are growing rapidly. Which one is more benefit email or SMS? Many people debate and no doubt it will continue to do so. But answer to this question of which one is better channel it depends on the objective of your campaign and the associated return on investment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key difference.

Higher Open Rates for SMS
Research shows that 98% of SMS ...

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Tips for successful SMS campaigns and lead generation


More than 4 billion people using mobile phones worldwide. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2020. The mobile phone is the only device which connecting this huge number. For companies and brands, SMS marketing become essential. SMS is personal, people prefer to receive promotions and offers SMS from their favorite brands. Which is why using SMS campaign for lead generation is very helpful. Check the below advice for ...

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The benefits of SMS messaging in education sector.


SMS messaging is today the fastest and most effective communication tool for business and service provider not only for business. This is likely due to fast and instant deliverability, high open and response rate (the global average open rate of SMS is 94%). Today each and every person carrying their mobile phone all the time it means you can reach to them through SMS any time. The education sector can benefit greatly from using bulk SMS service, it’s a great ...

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The benefits of SMS marketing in retail industry.


Today mobile is 1st choice for communication, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. Retailers are offering mobile text messaging experience to the customer, it helping retailers to get connected their valuable customers easily. E-commerce  retail is the way of future online shopping.  Before buying online most of the customers used to check online pricing and product research it makes e-commerce climate extremely competitive. Emarketers now moving towards ...

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SMS Marketing for Salons & Spas


SMS marketing helps spas and salons to strengthen a relationship with regular customers, promote services, offer a discount, festive offer and organize appointments. 

How it Works

The Keyword
It’s important to select a unique keyword that connect with your business.  The keyword can be your brand name, product, service or any other unique identifier. Ideally, you want to make sure it’s simple easy to remember. 

For example, imagine you own a salon in Bandra, Mumbai called Raksh Salon. You might want ...

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5 Things Every Business Should Consider About Bulk SMS Marketing


Target Customers:

While using the bulk SMS services, you, as a business owner should be aware about your target customers; make sure that you only send SMSes to those people who are interested in the products or services you are providing; otherwise, you may end up bringing a bad name to your company.

Make sure that your customers are aware:

Doing SMS marketing without in making your company familiar with people is a big no-no, thus make sure that your customers are ...

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How Bulk SMS Services Helping Businesses


Mass text messaging services helping businesses of all sizes. Bulk SMS is the most effective marketing tool for companies, it is fast, convenient, visible with maximum deliverability. It is one of the most favorable marketing channel for businesses.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Bulk SMS marketing is now become an essential marketing tool for marketing and advertising agencies for their clients because it is cost effective and affordable for small businesses. In current digital age most of the people carrying their smart and mobile ...

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SMS Marketing Best Practices


SMS marketing is very effective and powerful method for reaching your customer anywhere any time instantly.  In order to maximize your conversion and success it must be in a proper way. SMS marketing has a more strict set of laws and regulations than traditional marketing. 
Follow these guidelines for SMS marketing best practices 


Be Clear 
Your subscribers and your customers should know what they are getting into when they sign up for your offers, your message should be clear, quick what ...

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5 Reasons now is a right time to start SMS Marketing


Consumers are concerned about their privacy issues, social media channels are made them wary when it comes to interacting with brands through this channels. As we know, it is a noisy and overcrowded space where capturing the users is a real challenge and also it is very expensive medium. With this in mind, this is the perfect time to sift your attention to Bulk SMS marketing – affordable, it is personal and private, high read and response rates. 


An SMS ...

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5 Reasons you must optimize your website for mobile

1.    Mobile Users are Different
2.    Mobile Gets Traffic
3.    Better Brand Engagement
4.    Increased Conversions
5.    Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Mobile Health Check: Pick up your smartphone and go to your website. Ask yourself these questions:

• Does it load in less than three seconds?
• Does it draw your eye to your key selling points or message?
• Is the content easy to read?
• Is it easy to navigate?
• Is it easy to recognize and activate ...

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Lighthouse Chrome Extension

Google recently announced another audit category to Lighthouse Chrome extension - SEO audits.

Lighthouse is an automated audit tool for improving the web page. It helps and suggest for improving the quality of a website, allowing developers to improve performance, accessibility, progressive web app, best practices, SEO.

Lighthouse SEO audit tool enables SEO professionals, developers, and webmaster to run SEO health check for a web page and identifies the areas for improvement. 

How to use it

1.    Install the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
2.    Click ...

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Page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

Everybody wants to find their questions answer as fast as possible. There are so many studies show that speed matter, people really care about the speed of a web page whether it is on desktop search or mobile search. But as of now, the signal was focused on desktop searches. Google recently announced that starting from July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.  Read more 


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5 Reasons to use Bulk SMS Marketing in 2018


It might be up against rivalry from web-based instant messaging apps, for example, 
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but all the indications are that 
SMS marketing is just as important as ever and is likely to remain a highly important platform for
many more years to come. So why should you choose bulk SMS marketing to promote your
business in 2018?

•    SMS messaging is compatible with every handset-even if it isn't a smartphone.

•    An internet connection is not required ...

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SMS Marketing for Any Organization, in Any Industry


SMS marketing can improve communication and attract customers in businesses, services and organizations of any size.

Uses of SMS Marketing in different Industries and sectors like –

Restaurants / Hotels
Raise awareness, engage your customers, and generate new business.
Let your customers know your packages and best offers through SMS.
Hotel booking, reservation confirmation
Discount Notification and Alerts


Retail / E-Commerce
Connect and engage with your valuable customers, and generate new business with SMS marketing.
Promotion for festive discount or offers.
Shopping Cart/ ...

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Ten Reasons Your Business Needs Email Marketing


With limited marketing budget in your small business, you want to make sure you’re spending your money and time effectively and the right place. With constrained promoting dollars in your independent company spending plan, you need to ensure you're investing your cash and energy successfully. You've likely heard stories about small businesses and startups that utilization email advertising to contact their group of onlookers and drive revenue. Here are 10 eye-opening email marketing statistics that demonstrate email advertising is an ...

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Technical SEO checklist 2018

In 2017, there’s been a lot of speculation on the value of technical SEO. It was called makeup; some of it was announced dead; in any case, it was breathed life into back smoothly and convincingly with remarkable cases of specialized SEO tactics resulting in major traffic boosts.


Check Indexing
Start with the number of your website’s pages that are indexed by search engines. You can check this by entering site: in your target search engine like or ...

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Bulk SMS The Most Important Marketing Tool


In today’s highly competitive market, businesses, entrepreneurs and traders are always trying to find out a new way to reach maximum potential consumers in an earliest. With modern technology of communication and messaging within easy access, business owners can promote their business and services successfully to wider spectrum of people in quick time (99% average open rate for SMS, with 97.5% opens within 5 seconds of being received on handset. (Nielsen Survey 2014).

In this mobile revolution era Bulk SMS ...

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Benefits of SMS Marketing


In today’s competitive world, every business wants to be get connected with the customers and not be forgotten. SMS marketing is the Best and cheapest way to get connected with your customers instantly. 

India set to have 530 million smartphone users in 2018: Study

  • SMS marketing is an effective and cheapest way to connect with your customers.
  • An estimated more than 78% of the India population have a mobile phone and most of them carry with them almost 24x7.
  • SMS marketing is effective across ...

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How many characters can I use for SMS marketing?


A common question for those using SMS marketing is that of how many characters are actually available. Although a single SMS message traditionally has a character limit of 140 characters, modern technology allows multiple messages to be seamlessly joined up or ‘concatenated’, giving you a much more generous 459 characters in total.

Did you know?

  • SMS messaging was 1st invented in 1984
  • SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service
  • The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters

The most common reasons ...

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