5 Importance of storytelling for your digital marketing campaigns

We all know “content is the king” in digital marketing however, a content without storytelling is worthless. Content is the soul of digital marketing. Storytelling should be able to position your brand and sell the product as it is a way of brand interacting in a way that it resonates. It creates a medium of conversation where both the parties speak rather than just one. 
Storytelling helps us in narrating of “who are we” and “what is our purpose”, it helps the digital audience to connect with the brand similarities they have. People love the brands that value lives, spark their lives. It doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds that you can tell any story but here storytelling needs to be a story of your brand.

Why Storytelling?

We grasp stories faster than facts & figures. It is human nature to be attentive in stories. 
Marketing strategies should align with a consumer’s ability to share stories every day on different platforms. Brands have now shifted their focus to sell using the art of storytelling. 

The top trick to standing out in Storytelling is to:-

1) Personalization- This is the most important attribute that is necessary for storytelling. Until and unless the brand does not personalize their marketing strategy, it will never be successful. Building a personal connection with your customers allows you to understand what your audience wants and it creates a focal point for your organization. 

2) Make it Relevant- The best way to capture the attention of your consumers is to make relevant content or relevant storytelling.

3) Make it Impactful- Storytelling should be impactful to the people, it should touch them so it will always. The storytelling should be impactful the same you empower the brand image through the positive aspect or brand values.

4) Less complicated- Complex ideas about your brand that you introduce can be complex for people to understand however, using an interesting storyline with creativity can make it simple to understand. Your story should be accessible or understood by all irrespective of whatever language or demographic maybe.

5) Hook the emotion- Along with the emotion, your story should be articulated in such a manner that it grabs the customer’s attention. You must be able to use the language that plays with emotion while captivating the client’s attention and encourage them to buy the product. It doesn’t matter which emotions you opt for, sad or happy. 

Stories are very powerful, they are a validation to our justification. Suppose you are talking about a cell phone which says it’s waterproof, you need to create a content which storytelling the same and justify your statement with examples.