8 Most Common Mistakes you should avoid in SMS Marketing

Everyone commits mistakes but learning from the old mistake will prevent committing the same mistake. Therefore, when you run your SMS campaign make sure you don’t commit these mistakes.

It may take you some time to discover the best SMS practice however with these things in mind, will help you reduce your pitfalls and keep up your SMS game:

Using Poor Call-To-Action:  Many of the SMS Marketing fails to capitalize due to poor Call-To-Action or not providing a concise Call-To-Action in the body of every message. You should include a call for a response in every SMS you send e.g. website link or a number to call in order to confirm the involvement. 

Inappropriate Timing:  You should focus on sending SMS in peak time, where maximum no. of readers are likely going to open and duration when mostly are engage on their phones. There is no point in sending promotional SMS at 4 am in the morning where people are sleeping.  You should also make sure you don’t send the exact SMS every time, keep it a gap of 1-2 weeks.

Worth Offers: This is widely seen where most of the offers are expired or not able to redeem. Therefore when you sent something to make sure you update and picked offers which is pleasant to your customers to avoid potential issues. Your offers should be worthwhile and easy to redeem

Appropriate Target Audience:  Stop sending irrelevant SMS to everyone. You should only send SMS to your target audience as per their requirement, this will make them feel special as you are offering what exactly they are looking for. Sending daily SMS and sending irrelevant SMS might interrupt and irritate the users which can lead to unsubscribing your list. It is important to make a list of your audience and only send SMS to them. E.g. SMS alert from insurance would likely to please businessmen rather than students.

Avoid Inappropriate Language:  You should avoid using complex or jargon language which can be difficult for typical readers. Use simple and clear language with appropriate information. Avoid using slang such as LOL, ASAP, etc, it is very unprofessional to use such terms. SMS you send speaks a lot about the sender or the company so using professional language will build your brand credibility. 

Avoid Wrong SMS Partner: There are a lot of companies that deal with SMS marketing. Avoid wrong SMS Partner,  there will be variance in the services they provide. Make sure you don’t fall for the cheap and dirt vendors. Saving money is great and these vendors will .provide you with the lowest cost available in the market but they lack good quality and security.

Double Check: You’ll be surprised to know that many companies make text errors too. The reason, they don’t double check their text or grammatical errors before sending it. You should ensure that you have included all the necessary information without any error.