Build Brand New Logo to your Business

Logo is something that will tell about your brand in a graphical  format  .before creating any logo graphic designers and business owners need to identify the purpose of logo .To see the potential of logo just look around you and you can easily identify 10 to 12 logos without any efforts.

What's the purpose of Logo for your Business? 

The primary role of logo is to identify your brand identification is something that matters. Logo have the potential to influence our decisions, they represent a company’s value and often full of meaning.

Logo designing is a tactical method implemented by strategic tool - it’s not an art.


  • A Flyers is a form of paper advertisement it is use for wide distribution in a public place, hand to hand delivery, sending by mail.
  • Flyer can be used by individuals, business, government, social welfare.
  • Advertising for an event like festival occasion ,DJ night music concert or political rally.
  • Promoting a business such as service business , restaurant, massage parlour or new opening showroom.
  • Recruit jobseekers for organization or companies.
  • Protest again injustice.


  • A company that sends direct mail to a user.
  • A term mailer is use to sending email or other direct communication to user.
  • Newsletter is a design that have to be send from the mail, it can contain news, tips and images about a single topic.


  • A poster is a typical way of  promoting plans, product ,real estate or event put up in a public space for mass consumption.
  • Poster contain both textual and graphic format.
  • Posters are designed to be  both attractive and information.
  1. Visible from long distance.
  2. Consider size and location. 
  3. Implement call to action.
  4. Use one big image.