Check how SMS Marketing can leverage your Fitness Center?

As the new year is approaching we are going to witness a lot of new registration on membership because every beginning of the year starts with a lot of new year’s resolution and no wonder, 100 out of 80 people mark fitness in their resolution list.

With the rise of social media especially Instagram with more than 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018, staying & looking fit has become a major trend among the youths.Though Instagram fitness has inspire many and even motivate to join fitness club but after few months of joining we see the decline on membership. 

One of the biggest struggle faces by any fitness club is to maintain their customer consistency. Some people get motivated and start fitness goals but swept away after a certain period of staying consistent and sticking with the plan. Implementing of SMS Marketing alongside with Digital Marketing, has proven to be the successful solution.

Some of the reasons why fitness centers should use SMS Marketing

Send Promotional SMS- SMS is the best way to keep your members alert. Offers and discounts are likeable by everyone, it is the best way to boost membership registration.You can send discounts on new membership joining and coupon to redeem.

Send Motivational Quote- This is one of the rare things which many don’t recognise or slip off their mind but it is a very important aspect when look into. When you are into fitness, you know it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to remain consistency and sometimes even the quotes work wonder.

Increase Likes/ Followers on Social Media- We all know the value of more likes/ followers these days. Once a wise man says “If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business” so we know how important social media plays in today’s world. The best part SMS allows you to integrate with all your social media channels. You can send SMS to invite them on liking your pages.

Send Greeting SMS- It is kind to always acknowledge someone’s goodness. Isn’t it? We love receiving greetings, it signifies you care their presence. You can send welcome greetings, birthday greetings of the members or festival greetings.

Send Nutritional Tips and Diet Plans- In this busy world everyone are so caught up with everything and hardly get time for oneself  to care of. For them SMS will be the best medium to reach as they will hardly open an email or a newsletter to go through. You can send them nutritional tips and progress report of the day.

Customer Feedback- After all that’s done, what more important is the customer’s feedback. It is the key to improvisation and knowing where you stand in the market.You know what is being preferred by your customers and what not.

Why SMS Marketing stood out to be the best Marketing strategy in 2019?

No Internet Connection- SMS is the quickest mode of communication and does not required internet connection to open and read. It can be delivered even in low network coverage.

Cost Effective- SMS marketing is the most affordable and effective form of marketing than other form of marketing especially in comparison to traditional marketing.

High Open Rate- Everyone open to check their phone once it beep and it is no surprise that they surely open their inbox to check where the message arrive from. Therefore it has high open rate.

Instant Delivery Report- SMS provide instant delivery in no time. The average duration for all mobile carriers is 7 sec for the message to deliver if there is no error in network. Also through SMS you can get a real time delivery report whether your messages are deliver or not.

High Engagement Rate- SMS has high engagement rate as it take less time to open and read unlike emails. SMS only contain 160 char so it is easily readable in a blink of an eye and easy to remember.

Regional Language- You can customized and send SMS even in regional language. Many people might not be comfortable in English so regional SMS works the best for them. Push the SMS campaign region wise.

No spam filter- The best part about SMS is that it doesn’t have to undergo spam filter unlike emails. It is a direct connection between you and your customer without any barrier.
There you have it, the reasons on how SMS Marketing can benefit your fitness center. Ready to start your SMS Campaign? Sign up with 100 credits of Mobisoft Technology’s SMS Marketing tool today.

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