Secret Tips for Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce

The largest social media network, Facebook is an excellent platform to advertise your business to a greater network of people. With properly targeted ads a business can increase the number of views, leads, and conversions. An e-commerce platform can benefit a lot from using the right Facebook ads tactics just like they can benefit from bulk SMS services.
If you are still not using Facebook ads, chances are, you are missing out on greater opportunities to earn more from your e-commerce business. If you are new at this, here are a few tips to help you out with Facebook marketing. Take a look –

1. Use Multi-Product carousals 

As the tag shows, you can highlight various products simultaneously on Facebook using multi-product advertising. Several factors will show you the effectiveness of using such advertising; such as–

• The sales will get a boost as potential customers get a chance to concurrently access various products that may increase the possibility of users clicking on them. At the same time, more goods can be marketed. Consumers get more choices.
• More products can be advertised at the same time. 
• Customers get more options to pick.

More significantly, through the available indicators, you may also get the hints of multi-product ads working. A study shows that businesses have seen a 300 percent increase in click-through rates since offering multi-product ads a chance. It's not like all the brands that use the same will have the same experience, some other factors that should be counted also come in between.
It’s not like all the brands using the same will get the same experience, there comes in-between some other factors also that should be counted.

2. Run Re-Targeting Campaigns For Better Results

Generally speaking, you know that most potential customers end up leaving their cart without completing their purchase if you have been running your e-commerce company for a while.
Therefore, nearly 72 percent of online shoppers end up dumping carts. You should be running a retargeting campaign specifically in this respect. Thus, by using retargeting campaigns, you may have a chance to get back more than 25 percent of those customers. You can also run the retargeting campaigns by taking advantage of discounts, coupons, and other tempting deals.

3. Use Conversion Tracking Pixel

In case you don't know what a Conversion Tracking Pixel is and what it can do, you are missing out on a lot. This conversion tracking pixel is essentially an important code that is used to track the behavior of those visiting your site. Besides, it also helps you to track the number of sales that you earn from your ad campaign with the help of proper SEO services in India.

Facebook can also use the conversion tracking pixels to target the right audience and improve campaigns for your ads, too. In other words, using Facebook ads for e-commerce purposes is a fantastic way to.

4. Use Video Advertisements

If you are planning on utilizing other ways to use Facebook ads for e-commerce, you should be aware that Facebook gives priority to video content. That means that if you use video, your ads would have a greater chance of ending up in the right people's feed. That should be a light bulb moment that leads you in a familiar direction, unfamiliar yet successfully.
Videos, in general, are also a lot more entertaining. They're not as sultry as other types of media. Someone would be more likely to stop watching a video than just looking at product photos. Stats indicate that most Facebook users end up watching videos daily on the platform.