SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS marketing is very effective and powerful method for reaching your customer anywhere any time instantly.  In order to maximize your conversion and success it must be in a proper way. SMS marketing has a more strict set of laws and regulations than traditional marketing. 
Follow these guidelines for SMS marketing best practices 

Be Clear 
Your subscribers and your customers should know what they are getting into when they sign up for your offers, your message should be clear, quick what your offering and how customer can redeem your deals.

Get Permission 
You must obtain permission from customers and subscribers in order send them SMS. If you don’t get permission before sending SMS, you will be spamming customers. IT can damage your company and brand image. 

Pay Attention to Frequency
You must be careful not to spam your customers with SMS all the time. Shoot for a goal of two to four SMS per month. Any more can irritate your customers. 

Provide an Exit    
Don’t trap people on your list, those who don’t want to receive your messages. Your subscribers need to know that they can opt out of your SMS marketing campaigns at any time. You must also include “Txt STOP to cancel” in your auto-reply. Every consumer wants transparency in advertising and SMS marketing is no different. 

Text During Normal Hours
Your customers and subscribers don’t want to hear from you at middle of the night. You must wait until regular working and business hours before sending off that text messages campaign to your customers. Nobody is going to visit your store outside of business hours. It’s wise to send messages when they actually take advantage of your messages. 

Provide Value
Each SMS campaign you send should hold some value for customers. When your customers willing to give you permission to SMS them, make sure you give them some valuable information in return. Make sure your text messages are interesting, fresh and exciting.