SMS Marketing for Salons & Spas

SMS marketing helps spas and salons to strengthen a relationship with regular customers, promote services, offer a discount, festive offer and organize appointments. 

How it Works

The Keyword
It’s important to select a unique keyword that connect with your business.  The keyword can be your brand name, product, service or any other unique identifier. Ideally, you want to make sure it’s simple easy to remember. 

For example, imagine you own a salon in Bandra, Mumbai called Raksh Salon. You might want to choose the word RAKSH. This is your business name and it is easy to remember and spell. You can make it you sender ID. To join your SMS marketing list, clients can text the word RAKSH to 312121.

The Auto Reply
After joining, your customers will receive an automated response. This SMS is formally known as the auto reply. It includes a confirmation of subscription and offer details. An auto reply for RAKSH SALON might look something like this:

Thanks for choosing to receive promotions from RAKSH SALON! Show this message at your next appointment for 20% off any service.

The Offer
Once in a week, text your valuable customers a handpicked offer and discount, make sure it’s something they are looking for, something they can’t deny. Give discount on your most popular services. 

How Will SMS Grow Your Salon?
Interesting facts.
o    People want to look their best.
o    Clients want to be rewarded.
o    Send appointment reminders 
o    Everyone reads SMS.
o    People love discounts.
o    It has great ROI

Note:  Messaging is immediate, with nearly 99% of SMS being opened and 93% of them being opened within 3 minutes of being received. 

Text marketing is very effective for Salon and Spa owners. 

o    Increased foot traffic
o    Increase appointment 
o    Build trust and relationship 
o    Strengthened brand awareness
o    Increase client engagement

Why Choose SMS?
Out of all other marketing and advertising channels, what makes SMS marketing perfect for salons?
o    Everyone receives and reads texts.
o    Over 90% of all texts are read within the first three minutes of delivery.
o    The average Indian looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day.
o    80% of Indians say they would like to receive mobile offers and discounts from their favorite businesses.
o    It's extremely cost-effective.

Sample Text Marketing Campaigns for Salons
Appointment Reminders

Send out text alerts that remind clients of their scheduled appointment. This reduces no-shows and keeps your daily schedule intact.
Don't forget! You have an appointment tomorrow at 3PM with RAKSH at Downtown.

Birthday Rewards
What's the best way to make your clients keep coming back for more? Go the extra mile. Send them a special birthday treat.

Happy birthday Reena! Stop down today and show this text to claim a free manicure.