SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing – Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing and Email marketing these two marketing tools are growing rapidly. Which one is more benefit email or SMS? Many people debate and no doubt it will continue to do so. But answer to this question of which one is better channel it depends on the objective of your campaign and the associated return on investment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key difference.

Higher Open Rates for SMS
Research shows that 98% of SMS messages have a response rate of 45% while the open rate for emails is at 28-33% with a much lower response rate of 6%.  This shows that almost 3x people are reading text messages than opening emails you have sent. According to Smart Insights reports in April 2018, the average open rate for emails is just below 25%. It means, if you want your marketing message is received and read by all recipients within a specific time, then SMS Marketing is the best choice.

SMS Marketing has a higher CTR
If the objective of your campaign is conversion, quick response, then SMS marketing is the best choice. CTR (click through rate) is a percentage of customers that clicked through to a website via the link within an SMS. The average CTR for link in SMS message is 20% while the CTR for email marketing is below 4%. Generally, people don’t have that much of time and patience to go through the email. SMS is short and up to the point because of 160 characters limit have a better chance of keeping the customer attention. 

SMS Marketing doesn’t require Internet
Yes, SMS Marketing has a great advantage over email marketing, SMS messaging doesn’t require an Internet connection to receive SMS communication. Email Marketing is totally dependent on internet.  When you are aiming to provide information to people who are in a remote area, traveling, outdoor not having access of internet, then SMS marketing will be the right choice.

SMS is highly personal
If your aim is to build a deeper, personal relationship with customer, then SMS marketing is a perfect choice. On the other hand Email marketing is form of mass marketing that is run by non-human bots. SMS marketing gives a more personal communication experience.

Short and Sweet
Today we are connected with technology 24x7, we are getting information from every angle and every form. Yet we have very less time to go through all, we don’t read every emails. Reason is we know email require time to read, on the other hand, there are very high chances that we will read every message on our mobile phone. SMS has characters limit of 160 characters, it makes SMS short and easy to read.