SMS Marketing: Winning Strategy in Political Campaign?

With the rise in mobile phone users, many politicians are turning its way to connect with their audience through mobile as one cannot underestimate the power of mobile phones and of course the power of social media.Though in many cases social media proves to be a boon but one cannot deny that social media can either make or break one political career.The minimum age for voting is 18 yrs old, which believes that most of the teenagers attaining age 18 years & above have mobile phones.

It is not possible for any political parties to interact and reach out personally with every candidate and to be successful in election campaign you need to get a lot of support from people which remain for long even after the election.There is no shortcut to win election but getting more votes and using the right strategy. A political campaign requires a comprehensive strategy. SMS Marketing can help you gather crowds and fixing up rallies. An SMS Marketing is the best communication channel to reach your voters at instant time and at any place. It proves to be a winning strategy when done wisely. 

What common mistakes commit by most Political Parties?

The inappropriate planning for strategy of any political campaign should start months/ year ago before the election.You should start keeping up with your audience in every aspect, your party leader’s name and his positive impact on society should discuss in every household or circle.Most of the Political parties underestimate this and only wait during the time of election. You can start sending SMS before the main campaign 

Advantages of SMS Marketing during Election Campaign

During political campaign people are going to get a lot of information from different political parties through media and different social channels but you can reach your audience through Bulk SMS and grab the best attention.

•    Election Polling– You can start on election polling based on the campaign takes place or on any general query.You can listen to what your audience has to say or vote for in the poll so you can decide accordingly and prepare wisely for the next campaign. 

•    Conveying Your Agendas - You can convey your future agendas and share your plans for the betterment of the society.

•    Send SMS in Regional Language – You can send SMS even in regional language so that everyone can read even those who are uneducated or only comfortable in regional language.

•    More Target Audience- You can raise awareness to more people and even among the grass-roots supporters.You can send SMS to any demographics as there is no requirement of internet access and even people staying in remote places can open easily.

•    Meet-up Coordination- You can send Bulk SMS at one click to notify all the team or party members of respective location on meet up. It can be use for both internal meeting & outdoor meeting communication.

•    Assemble Crowd- Bulk SMS can help assembling large crowd for any campaign, meeting or protest. It keeps them updating about the on-going and future election campaign. It helps in gaining more people to support you as you can easily create that trust in their mind and able to keep that personal touch through SMS.

•    Fundraising- You can send SMS on fundraising or create future fundraising awareness.You can keep in touch with people and update about the social work.

Some of the good reasons why SMS Marketing proves to be good winning strategy in election

High Open Rate: With 98% high open rate of messages than emails, it has surpassed to be having high opening rate. SMS are read within 5 minutes after the delivery of message whereas email takes 24 to 32 hours to open.The reason it has high open rate is because it does not need any internet connection like emails or other messages. One does not need data to read and can open from any corner of the world.Therefore, it has high open rate.

Real Time Report: SMS Marketing allows you with the real time secure access and real time delivery report.You will be able to keep track of the SMS status whether the messages sent are delivered or not. 

Speed:There is no doubt SMS is the fastest means of communication. It can be delivered in a blink of a click.There is no time delay, it can be send/ deliver to you even in low network coverage whereas email etc. need data to open and does not work in low network coverage.

Cost Effective: It has proven to be the most affordable form of marketing than other forms of marketing especially in comparable to traditional marketing. 
The power of SMS Marketing is enormous. When done right it has unlimited potential.This year take your election campaign into whole next level.

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