The benefits of SMS marketing in retail industry

Today mobile is 1st choice for communication, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. Retailers are offering mobile text messaging experience to the customer, it helping retailers to get connected their valuable customers easily. E-commerce  retail is the way of future online shopping.  Before buying online most of the customers used to check online pricing and product research it makes e-commerce climate extremely competitive. Emarketers now moving towards SMS marketing for their marketing campaigns.  Here’s why you should follow this trends. 

Its effective and simple way of staying in touch 
SMS marketing has proven to be most effective and popular marketing tool for retail outlets. Smartphone penetration is at an all-time high. Today’s almost everyone is having own mobile phone. Which means you can reach and communicate everyone with text messaging solution.  SMS is an extremely versatile way of communicating with customers in a competitive market, SMS is fast, flexible and easy to use makes it most favorable marketing channel among businesses. 

SMS solutions is more cost-effective than other marketing medium
SMS marketing is extremely easy to setup and most cost-effective form of marketing than a traditional form of marketing.  Running a TV, Radio Ad, Digital ads and Hoarding advertising can all cost you lacs of rupee. And you won’t be sure that you are reaching the targeted customers using these channel. Though SMS marketing can create a direct and effective point of contact with customer. SMS marketing is affordable for all size of business.

You’ll increase customer response
Nearly 70% of world population is using mobile phone, makes it most effective platform for marketing, customers are more likely to open and read your SMS. Study shows SMS engagement rates are 6-8 times higher than on email. SMS not only has incredible open rates of nearly 100%, it also boasts a staggering 45% response rate (as compared to email, which has only a 6% response rate).

You’ll be able to create targeted communication
Gone are the days when business owners used to send bulk SMS in the hope that some of them will reach to a target audience. Things are now changing companies have their own data of targeted customers.Through big data. Customer purchase history and other relevant demographic information can be used to establish customer profiles. So now business owners can customize promotional SMS campaign to a specific audience. It’s important to send SMS to those customers who have already given permission to you. This increase response rate.