The benefits of SMS messaging in education sector

SMS messaging is today the fastest and most effective communication tool for business and service provider not only for business. This is likely due to fast and instant deliverability, high open and response rate (the global average open rate of SMS is 94%). Today each and every person carrying their mobile phone all the time it means you can reach to them through SMS any time. The education sector can benefit greatly from using bulk SMS service, it’s a great way to build relationship with students, parents, and teachers. Here are several ways you can benefit from SMS messaging service in the education sector. 


Parent-teacher meetings
Parents generally lives a very busy life and there is a possibility that they will forget about parents meeting or important school dates, with the help of text messaging, parents can receive timely gentle reminders about upcoming patents – teachers meetings. Timely parents meeting is good for the development of the students. 


SMS Messages for weather alerts and emergency alerts 
SMS massaging is crucial in an emergency. Text messaging alerts for weather and in an emergency can save life. Whether condition can affect traveling and can cause of accident also. Simple text alerts to parents and school management can save students life.  Notifying parents and students immediately of any cancellations or closers of school, giving them plenty of time to make alternative arrangements. 


Exam Reminders 
Bulk SMS is very useful in exam times to remind students about exam dates, location, and time. And this is also a great way to inform students about last minutes changes in exam time table or location. 


New student admission
SMS campaign is very effective way to reach new students and parents for admission. A simple text message to students and parents with reminders about admission application deadlines can go a long way to making sure they apply. Sending messages about upcoming events, new courses and extracurricular activities, getting information on right time helps students prepare and do better. 


Urgent messages
In an emergency when school authority require urgent attention as if a child gets sick, injury, accident or requires an immediate disciplinary procedure. In this situation, parents are likely to be far more receptive to an SMS than telephone call. It means you can reach them quickly through SMS alert. An SMS include all the facts and information about the incident, it gives parents peace of mind. 


Staff contact
SMS is also can be used to stay in contact with staff and teachers. A simple SMS messages can let them know about upcoming important dates, events. It is also important that educational institution management should maintain strong relationship with staff, which will help students to get quality services. 
SMS messaging is definitely the best way to attract and retain students and parents across schools and university campuses. It helps all the parties to get informed on right time and ultimately makes an educational environment more efficient and productive.