Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS services help you to send large number of messages to mobile users with the extremly user-friendly interface. Sanding a bulk SMS sees an extremely wide outreach as well as reduced costs for and company.


OTP or One Time Password is a temporary authentication code sent via SMS to a user's registered mobile number.

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Transectional SMS

Transactional SMS is an automated text message that a business or an organization sends their customers or users.

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Promotional SMS

A promotional SMS is a message sent by a brand to prospects and customers informing them about promotions.

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gurgaon

If you are thinking to make new ways to make your profit increase, then availing bulk SMS Gurgaon service is the best thing you can go for. Bulk SMS solution is the most innovative way of reaching the target audience and promoting the brand. SMS service is easy to use and has large penetration compared to traditional marketing. From online SMS service to bulk SMS, the messaging method has increasingly become popular with mobile marketers because of the advantages it offer. Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. Bulk SMS Gurgaon service with years of experience will offer benefits to its clients. Some of the advantages are

Quick to Reach:

SMS is fast and reaches soon to the target audience. Once the sender sends the SMS, the receiver receives instantly. On strong and robust network, the SMS reaches its audience way in time.


It is the most flexible way to promote the brand and service to the audience. SMS sending service ensures that customers receive the message on time.

More Freedom to Customers:

Bulk SMS solutions aren't like those annoying promotional email messages and items which can irritate the customer. Your customer will have the option to read or not to read.
Best bulk SMS service offers such benefits for its every client and ensures long term customer relationship. So get in touch with Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. bulk SMS service Gurgaon and let your brand reach wider audience.

We are ready to help you develop an excellent communication experience for your users.

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