Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad

You must be getting number of SMSs from companies, which you may be ignoring. These messages are nothing but promotion sent by the company introducing their services. In the age of WhatsApp and other messaging apps, SMS service has really missed its charm. However, some companies offer bulk SMS service for brands under reasonable rate. With strict rules and limitations on messaging services, bulk SMS Service has been using various techniques to reach the target audience.

Sending Bulk SMS:

Having easy bulk SMS solution under your arm helps you to send messages to multiple users and keep them engaging. SMS marketing is the best way to reach the target audience and keep promoting the service. However, it is important that the bulk SMS service provider doesn't bombarded the user which will certainly ignored. Hire a professional service that can perform the task effectively. With right content and timely sending of the SMS marketing under cheap price will certainly benefit the business. A leading bulk SMS service provider in Hyderabad will offer service under different plans. You can select whichever suits your requirement.

Bulk SMS Service Provider Hyderabad

The service is easily accessible on different devices including laptop, desktop and internet enabled mobile phone. Connect with the professional bulk SMS service Hyderabad that offers cost effective SMS gateway. A professional company knows how to connect with the customers and carry a huge data of target audience, which will help to send the service related SMS with right content

Powerful SMS features to grow your business

Low Cost

Easy to Use

SMS Gateway API

High Return on Investment

Highly targeted

Personalized Sender ID

Real-Time Status

Faster and Flexible

Schedule SMS

Send SMS Messages Online

Track SMS Campaign Metrics

Global SMS Coverage

Enterprise SMS Solutions

Long Text Messages

Languages & Unicode SMS

Reporting & Analytics

Delivers the best Promotional and Transactional SMS services

Bulk SMS

Package starts from:


  • Fast, intuitive and cost effective.
  • single or bulk text
  • messages all at once.
  • Comprehensive tracking reporting
  • Customizable Templates

Promotional SMS

Package starts from:


  • Low Price.
  • DND Filters
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Dynamic SMS Gateway
  • SMS Scheduling

Transactional SMS

Package starts from:


  • User Dashboard
  • No DND Filters
  • Static Sender ID
  • Reliable SMS Delivery
  • No Setup Fee

Promotional Bulk SMS

  • Bulk SMS used for promoting products or services and marketing purpose.
  • SMS delivered to non DND numbers, Open DND numbers.
  • Promotional SMS are sent in between 9am-9pm time frame.
  • Example: Promo, offer, coupon code messages etc.

Transactional Bulk SMS

  • Transactional SMS are the SMS used for sharing informative messages only and not for commercial purposes.
  • SMS delivered to all DND & non DND numbers.
  • Transactional SMS does not have any time frame, send sms 24X7 with instant delivery.
  • Example: Meeting reminder messages, OTP messages etc.

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