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Build your brand and increase your ROI with our smarter SMS campaigns, Instant OTP & Bulk SMS services. With a well-crafted campaign strategy, SMS marketing can deliver incredible results to your business. Start your free trial.

Why bulk SMS service ?

Outreach to your customers & increase engagement with our fastest SMS marketing Services.

Powerful Bulk SMS Campaign
With our SMS marketing software you can effortlessly personalize bulk SMS campaign. With names and custom fields compose campaigns in 20+ languages. You can schedule your campaigns and get best in-class delivery.
2 Minutes API Integration
Our two minutes API integration system helps you to automate SMS sending and receiving from any website, CRM or application. Integrate SMS APIs in 10+ languages. 24*7 customer support on Integration.

2X Attention With SMS Attachments
With our Bulk SMS system you can easily insert any images, videos, PDFs & more. This helps you to grab more customer attentions. Open rate of SMS are higher than other traditional marketing platform, results in more engagement.

Online SMS Receive
With Receive SMS online technology let your customer instantly reach out to you by just texting with your long codes and keywords. You can also set auto replies for the same. Receive SMS service helps you to get more customer response.

Realtime Delivery & Click Reports
With bulk SMS portal you can measure campaign metrices, outreach and effectiveness with real time data. Real time metrices report helps you to optimize your bulk SMS campaign with realtime delivery and click reports.
Increase Customer Engagement
SMS marketing helps a business to increase customer engagement. You can create discount vouchers, tickets, survey forms for your customer for more engagement. Easily send them short URL's in your SMS campaigns.
API For Whatsapp Engagement
Let whatsapp be the main marketing platform for your business. Send important updates, notifications to customers with our bulk whatsapp gateways. With bulk whatsapp service you can also receive customer enquiries.

One Stop Solution For All Your SMS Needs
With our bulk SMS portal send unlimited promotional, transactional & OTP SMS via WEB UI APIs, Email or mobile app. With Receive SMS online systems you can do these all from only one single platform.    



Bulk SMS

Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.


Also known as a message centre number of a mobile network operator. Operator uses SMSC for providing SMS.

Whatsapp SMS

Transactional Whatsapp SMS refers to text message sent to a customer that provides valuable information.

Whatsapp SMS

Promotional Whatsapp SMS are sent with the intent to sell, upsell, or advertise a product, business.


Any Local / National Language

Send SMS in any Local / National language with Unicode format.

Bulk SMS / Whatsapp

Send multiple SMS in single click using CSV or Notepad.

Schedule SMS

Schedule single or multiple SMS in specific Date and Time.

Flexible API & 24/7 Support

99.99% availability, and super-fast response rate of 5ms or less.

Link shortener

Shorten your links, send attachments with SMS, and track your campaigns.

Personalized Sender ID

Registered DLT and personalized your 6 Digit sender Id.

Who We Are

We are a leading Transectional & Promotional SMS service provider who offers an array of distinctive bulk promotional SMS packages to meet the different requisites of our clients. We have different packages with varying rates and different SMS quantities to match the needs of different organizations ideally. We emphasize on equipping your business with the right tools, so that you can connect with your audiences easily and at any time to give the required boost to your sales.

Bulk & OTP SMS via Mobile SMS or Whatsapp using 20+ languages with easy to use api documentation.


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Enterprise Plan

  • SMS Qty - 10 lac SMS
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Highly Secured SMS Gateways & Full featured SMS APIs

Our 128 bit data encryption system gives our client the trust with sending otp SMS and other business messages via our SMS gateways. Thousands of clients including banks trust our Enterprise grade security system.

  • Most intelligent and customizable SMS gateways routing technology

  • Die hard customer support from our expert with any kind of technical integration.
  • Fully secured and easy to use SMS APIs trusted by 100000+ developers.

  • we provide free of cost SMS APIs, charge only for SMS credits.

  • 24*7 customer support

  • Two minutes API installation with sample codes.

  • Easy to Integrate with any kind of applications
  • SMS Reseller Solution

    We are leading one-stop bulk SMS service provider in India, we offer Bulk SMS, promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, and Voice SMS. Mobisoft reseller solution enables our clients to earn revenue by buying and then reselling SMS credits to their customers. A reseller buys SMS credits in bulk and sells them in batches to their customers. We always try to offer SMS at an affordable price. Mobisoft is one of the most cost effective bulk SMS service provider in India. We provide complete technical support to our bulk SMS reseller partner. At Mobisoft, we have the best setup, infrastructure and highly trained and experienced professionals.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    A bulk SMS is a message sent in bulk to many recipients simultaneously. Bulk SMS is the term for text messages that are sent in bulk. Using bulk SMS, you can send a large number of SMS messages to large groups of people at different locations. You can use them to deliver valuable information or for promotional purposes. SMS is an efficient tool since it has a 98% open rate and is read within 5 minutes of delivery.

    There are two types of Bulk SMS :
    Transactional Bulk SMS - These SMS provide both DND and non-DND customers with crucial information that is urgent or vital.
    Promotional Bulk SMS – These are used to promote or market a product or service primarily to non-DND numbers between 9 am and 9 pm.

    Bulk SMS is a popular choice across all industries and sectors due to its high readability rate.

    Bulk messages are sent out to a large number of customers instantly. They are a great tool that supports business-customer interactions and helps you save time and optimize your resources. Companies around the world use this feature to promote their products and services. This can be used for sales, marketing, or customer support. A bulk message campaign can include images, videos, and an unlimited number of characters. These can be one-time or recurring and can be personalized for every user. For instance, you might want to address each customer by their first name. You can easily do this automatically instead of writing their names one by one.

    In bulk message campaigns, videos and images can be incorporated, as well as an unlimited number of characters. With free lists download the WhatsApp version, you can only send 256 messages per day. Also, only contacts who have saved your number will receive the messages.

    There is no limit to how many messages your business can send, only how many people you are trying to reach. In addition, it does not apply to messages sent in response to a user-initiated message within a 24-hour period.


    What they are saying about us

    “Great experience with MakemySMS” - If you are looking for a quality and affordable bulk SMS service provider then MakemySMS would be the right place, it may fix your needs. MakemySMS provides you with an efficient and user-friendly SMS.

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    We are working with this dynamic team for a long, and my experience with them so far was amazing. Looking forward to continuing business relationships.

    Apollo Hospitals

    Professional and best Bulk SMS and Whatsapp SMS service provider that helps to meet the business goals. We are absolutely delighted by their service. If you are looking for a genuine Bulk SMS and Whatsapp SMS service provider then you must try Makemysms services.

    ALLEN Career Institute

    MakemySMS is the best and easiest way to reach out to your customers. They will definitely help in accomplishing your goals. We were able to integrate with them very smoothly. If you are serious about your business then I would recommend Makemysms to you.



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