Bulk SMS Service Provider in Lucknow

Bulk SMS services help you to send large number of messages to mobile users with the extremly user-friendly interface. Sanding a bulk SMS sees an extremely wide outreach as well as reduced costs for and company.


We value our customer's Privacy hence we provide two-factor authentication to increase your safety and avoid threats and online attacks. The security and authenticity of our customers have always been our utmost priority. You can send automated one-time passwords via OTP SMS.

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Transactional SMS

This service can be used for sending important information, OTP alert and reminders to your registered users across our platform. Transactional SMS can be scheduled for sending Bulk SMS at a given date or time. It can be delivered to both DND and NON-DND numbers.

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Promotional SMS

You can promote your brand and develop any promotional/informative awareness to your customers by notifying your target customers with instant delivery of Promotional SMS. Promotional SMS service is capable enough to generate leads for your company, build your brand identity, and complete your aim of promotion at the same time.

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Lucknow

Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. offer flexible online Bulk SMS service at very affordable prices. We provide bulk SMS service under high-end interface to send and receive message for the brand. Whether your company is large or small, using the best bulk SMS service provider will help you in reaching more than 1000 networks instantly. We are Professional SMS service-providing company in Lucknow accelerates the transmission of bulk SMS through fast and reliable SMS gateway.
From text SMS to voice SMS, you will get options to select and use it for the campaign purpose. Whether the size of your company is large or medium, Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. bulk SMS service Lucknow will certainly provide complete assistance in reaching the target audience. Professional SMS service providers successfully design and deliver the SMS to the target audience on the regulated timings.
Bulk SMS marketing is one the best marketing tool for business because it helps to communicate instantly.
Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. is a business text messaging service provider for sending reminders, alerts, notifications, and confirmations, voice SMS and bulk SMS marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

Sending bulk SMS messages is not only the trend but also a necessity for the businesses. Every brand today prefers using the SMS marketing tool to reach the target audience. The SMS gateway helps to keep the brand updated and promote the newly launch product and services. So connect with the Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. bulk SMS service Lucknow and take your business to new heights with SMS marketing campaign.

Features of our SMS service

Any Local / National Language

Send SMS in any Local / National language with Unicode format.

Bulk SMS

Send multiple SMS in single click using CSV or Notepad.

Schedule SMS

Schedule single or multiple SMS in specific Date and Time.

Personalized SMS

Customize messages for large lists of users with your data.

Link shortener

Shorten your links, send attachments with SMS, and track your campaigns.

Group Based SMS

Create group with user information and start SMS campaign.

Flexible API

99.99% availability, and super-fast response rate of 5ms or less.

Personalized Sender ID

Registered DLT and personalized your 6 Digit sender Id.

Bulk SMS Reseller Lucknow

You may also start your own bulk SMS reseller website with Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd.; we will provide technical support, for sending bulk SMS, voice SMS, SMS campaign, transactional SMS. We also provides you a website, which will be fully responsive, branded according to your own company name and design preference.

We are ready to help you develop an excellent communication experience for your users.

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