Bulk SMS Services for NGOs & Community Groups

Bulk SMS Services for NGOs & Community Groups

Text messaging is an effective way to communicate to a large number of people in real time. Mobisoft Technology India provides a cost effective SMS solution to NGOs, charitable trust & community groups. At Mobisoft Technology, we understand the needs of effective communication for NGOs and Communities groups. We offer best SMS platform, SMS gateway API for organizations of all sizes.


Raising money

NGOs and Communities can benefit from bulk SMS for fundraising, promoting events, coordinating groups.


Promote events

SMS reaches the recipients instantly, it makes very effective marketing tool to promote events. You can also send reminders SMS as the dates gets closer.


Coordinate groups

In urgent situation, last minutes changes or in an emergency, a SMS can play important role for fast and real time communication, many time people won’t answer to a phone call but read a SMS immediately.


Easily manage your contacts

Manage your contacts paste, write or upload in excel sheet easily.

SMS Marketing with Personal Support

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