Bulk SMS Services for Bars & Clubs

Bulk SMS services help you to send large number of messages to mobile users with the extremly user-friendly interface. Sanding a bulk SMS sees an extremely wide outreach as well as reduced costs for and company.


We value our customer's Privacy hence we provide two-factor authentication to increase your safety and avoid threats and online attacks. The security and authenticity of our customers have always been our utmost priority. You can send automated one-time passwords via OTP SMS.

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Transactional SMS

This service can be used for sending important information, OTP alert and reminders to your registered users across our platform. Transactional SMS can be scheduled for sending Bulk SMS at a given date or time. It can be delivered to both DND and NON-DND numbers.

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Promotional SMS

You can promote your brand and develop any promotional/informative awareness to your customers by notifying your target customers with instant delivery of Promotional SMS. Promotional SMS service is capable enough to generate leads for your company, build your brand identity, and complete your aim of promotion at the same time.

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Bulk SMS Services for Bars & Clubs

Engage and reach your customers with SMS, discount coupons, voting, contest and more! SMS Marketing for night clubs and bar in Mumbai is a great marketing tool. Almost every SMS is delivered and read immediately.

Bar & Club Text Message Marketing is Easy and Affordable

Include a short code text message promotion in your nightclub advertising (example: Text “Drink Special” to 54545 to receive our Weekly Drink Specials!) Instantly reach all your customers with special offers, mobile coupons, mobile voting and contests, a that immediately build your own customer mobile marketing list. Sending an SMS text message to all your customers takes less time and effort than sending an email! Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. provides an All-in-One Solution that is easy and affordable. We take a more hands-on approach, walking you through every step of the way to more revenue!

Why should nightclubs and bars use SMS marketing?

> Run contests to create brand awareness.

> Your customers will feel special being in the loop by receiving SMS on your events.

> SMS is the best marketing tool to advertise concerts, bands, theme nights and any special events.

> It reaches your target audience within seconds.

> Helps to create a database of customers.

> SMS marketing has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing which is around 20%.

> SMS marketing can increase your footfall with a simple texting of free entrance.

Bulk SMS Marketing is cost effective compare to other marketing channel like TV, Radio, billboard and Print media. Text messaging is the perfect medium for this industry to take advantage of and attract new customers.

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Now days many bars and nightclubs using SMS marketing to increase their subscribers list, events promotions and attract new customers.

8.6 billion Mobile devices in use - 23 billion SMS sent worldwide each day - 97% of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it!

Convenient & Fast

Send your contacts list SMS with offers and discounts in matter of seconds. You can use makemysms.in powerful SMS platform for this purpose.

Schedule Your Message

You can easily schedule your messages of short term offers and discounts. You can automatically send texts using the makemysms.in SMS features.

Boost Sales

Boost your sales in slow weeks through SMS marketing and promotions and let your customers know by sending bulk SMS.

Incredible Response Rate

People are more likely to respond to SMS than to email marketing or social media advertising. Studies shows that 98% of mobile users will read SMS within 5 minutes of receiving it.

Build Loyalty

Build customer loyalty by keeping them in the loop with every weeks hot offers and discounts. This will make customers feel special and valued.

Quick Response

95% of SMS is read within 3 minutes and most people reply instantly

We are ready to help you develop an excellent communication experience for your users.

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