Bulk SMS Service in Sikkim and Shillong, Bihar

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Sikkim and Shillong

Send and receive text messages online with our powerful SMS platform. It’s simple, cost-effective, fast and very user-friendly. Bulk SMS is very powerful marketing and communication tool and highly effective form of mobile marketing that help business owners to engage with customers instantly. With over 90% text messages read within 3 minutes, text messaging generate high customer engagement and response.

Benefits of using bulk SMS


Send promotional bulk SMS to entire customer base with just a few clicks. Send bulk SMS to Groups or Everyone.

Mass Surveys

Collect valuable feedback from customer by sending mass surveys to customers.

Safety Alerts

Send safety alerts and security alerts to mass or your staff on emergency or events.

Offers and Discount

Send offers, discount and coupons text messages to your customer instantly.

Send Notifications

Send notifications, alerts or important info to your client and staff members instantly.

Cost Effective

Bulk SMS is cheapest marketing tool compare to TV, radio or print media.

It’s Simple

SMS is become a very effective marketing form, reaching to large number of mobile users through bulk SMS is very easy and cost effective. Thanks to the limitation of 160 characters makes it straight to the point.

Schedule SMS

Select recipients, compose your text message and keep your campaign ready in advance for a specific time and date.


SMS is safe and reliable. Mobile devices don’t have a spam box, so upon hitting the send button you can be sure your message has reached safely to your customers mobile.

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the leading bulk SMS service provider in Sikkim and Shillong, we help our customers with best services and support to send bulk SMS online allover India at very affordable price. Mobisoft Technology enable you to send the personalized SMS to your customers with our powerful SMS platform.

We are the best bulk SMS provider in Northeast India and we ensure faster delivery to all the networks nationwide.

Contact us today, to know more about our bulk SMS services.

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