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Mobisoft offers a unique Whatsapp Bulk SMS solution to enhance your business. We are committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients.

A private and secure platform
WhatsApp chats are protected by end-to-end encryption, which implies nobody will see your messages except the folks you share them with the moment messaging platform has alleged that tracing personal messages would break end-to-end encryption and violate the citizens' right to privacy.
A personal and trusted channel
Using WhatsApp permits businesses to urge a lot of personal and authentic messaging. WhatsApp may be accustomed send personalized promotions, updates, and more from a profile that's branded in line with the company’s guidelines.

An extremely engaging digital channel
Our WhatsApp bulk SMS services allow businesses to gather and analyze valuable client research also help to increase engagement by letting users understand the business they’re interacting with.


Supports automation and FAQ
WhatsApp Business permits businesses to deliver quicker customer service. The “quick replies” perform on WhatsApp Business permits businesses to store and utilize helpfully and regularly sent messages to hurry up the customer service process

Real-time client service and support
We offer to message that’s quick, efficient, and reliable on a platform utilized by many. With WhatsApp, alerts and updates are often received in real-time. Most importantly, any urgent queries that require answering can be answered in a timely and direct, with no middleman to slow down the process.
Business promotion and ads
One of the simplest ways that to push your new products and offers at discounted rates is through WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp services it’ll allow changing the standing of your company video or image to attract your targeted people.

API For Whatsapp Engagement
Let whatsapp be the main marketing platform for your business. Send important updates, notifications to customers with our bulk whatsapp gateways. With bulk whatsapp service you can also receive customer enquiries.


Win over your customers
Add WhatsApp to your contact center and let your agents easily connect with customers – providing personalized support through multiple chats at the same time. 



Transactinal Whatsapp SMS

Six Character Sender Id
Schedule SMS For Future
Quick Reports
Delivery On DND Numbers As Well

Promotional Whatsapp SMS

Schools and Colleges
Real Estate Services
Training and Coaching Institutes
Financial Services
Consumer Services


Any Local / National Language

Send SMS in any Local / National language with Unicode format.

Bulk SMS / Whatsapp

Send multiple SMS in single click using CSV or Notepad.

Schedule SMS

Schedule single or multiple SMS in specific Date and Time.

Flexible API & 24/7 Support

99.99% availability, and super-fast response rate of 5ms or less.

Link shortener

Shorten your links, send attachments with SMS, and track your campaigns.

Personalized Sender ID

Registered DLT and personalized your 6 Digit sender Id.

Who We Are

We are a leading Transectional & Promotional SMS service provider who offers an array of distinctive bulk promotional SMS packages to meet the different requisites of our clients. We have different packages with varying rates and different SMS quantities to match the needs of different organizations ideally. We emphasize on equipping your business with the right tools, so that you can connect with your audiences easily and at any time to give the required boost to your sales.

Bulk & OTP SMS via Mobile SMS or Whatsapp using 20+ languages with easy to use api documentation.


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Begin 1 Plan

  • SMS Qty - 25,000 SMS
  • Validity - 360 Days
  • 20% off on first purchase
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Begin 2 Plan

  • SMS Qty - 50,000 SMS
  • Validity - 360 Days
  • 20% off on first purchase
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Value Plan

  • SMS Qty - 1 lac SMS
  • Validity - 360 Days
  • 20% off on first purchase
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Business Plan

  • SMS Qty - 2 Lac SMS
  • Validity - 360 Days
  • 20% off on first purchase
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Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp API is intended for SMBs that need to leverage WhatsApp’s popularity and boost their sales & client experience. With the WhatsApp APIs, it’s very easy for businesses to feature WhatsApp in their communications strategy, and interact with customers globally on their favorite messaging app.

Range of messages – In WhatsApp there's a limit of sending messages and also the message may be sent to 256 recipients through 'broadcast'. Whereas in Bulk SMS there is no such limit. you'll be able to send SMS to 1 lakh recipients with one click. ... Whereas there are no such restrictions in bulk SMS

This is often additionally a new advantage of Whatsapp messages. You can make your messages as inventive as possible. So, you can use GIFs or pictures in your messages to make your messages more engaging to your potential customers. A well-designed message will always attract readers.

You will be able to send messages regarding your products and services including discounts, offers, and other aspects related to your business. It will also help your customers to interact directly with you. Moreover, you will be able to track customer response and behavior through this. There are several advantages of WhatsApp messages. The best thing is that Whatsapp is used quite abundantly by the younger generation. So, if you wish to catch their attention, Whatsapp messaging is the perfect platform. For more support on SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing, you can get in touch with us for the perfect implementation.

Whatsapp is of course a very useful business tool for reaching new & existing customers. And sending bulk message options through Whatsapp surely made this versatile app a stronger business companion. There are several software applications available now for sending bulk messages through Whatsapp. But, we make it easy to send bulk messages through WhatsApp. We offer the best WhatsApp bulk SMS provider.

You can send multiple messages at once using WhatsApp's group and broadcast functions, but you can only send messages to 256 people at a time, and broadcast messages cannot be delivered to users who don't have your number saved in their contact list. Therefore, if you want to send a WhatsApp message to more than 256 people at once, you'll need this WhatsApp bulk message sender, which is a WhatsApp marketing tool. No matter these numbers are in your list or not, or these people have your number saved in their list or not, the messages can be delivered to all of them at once. This sender tool can also personalize your messages, it can auto-add the first name, last name to the message. Multi-media messages are supported too.


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“ Amazing experience with Mobisoft” This is the right place if you're looking for a WhatsApp Bulk SMS provider that offers quality and affordability. They provide you with an efficient and user-friendly SMS.

With WhatsApp SMS services, we were able to reach our target. It's the best platform for reaching a large audience, which implies promoting a brand. Our customers benefit greatly from this platform. So far, my experience with them has been amazing. It has been a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Mobisoft provides professional and best Whatsapp SMS services that help businesses to achieve their goals. We are extremely satisfied with their services. We are extremely satisfied with their services. You must try their services if you are genuinely looking for the best Whatsapp SMS provider.

Getting in touch with your customers has never been easier than with the Mobisoft Whatsapp Bulk SMS service. They will definitely help you in accomplishing your goals. We were able to integrate with them very smoothly. If you are serious about your business then I would recommend Mobisoft to you.


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