Maintain the security and safety of your users by using the MobiSoft OTP service. Customers can secure their data and verify their identity for online transactions with our OTP service. Deliver over SMS, voice, and WhatsApp effortlessly.

Identifying users

Use two factor authentication to verify user’s identities to lessen the likelihood of impersonation.

Direct routes

You will feel secure sending OTPs through a dedicated carrier connection with quick routing.

Reports and analytics

Easy-to-use dashboards that facilitate monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities.

Time guarantee

You may obtain secured logins for your user’s websites and applications, and 99.9% of messages will be delivered within seconds.

We modify to fit your scale

Whether you send one or a million messages, our SMS infrastructure will ensure they all reach you on time.

Pay on delivery

You may immediately find a deal and pay for what you actually use with utilization-based pricing.

Receive a personalized quote based on your volumes

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Features of our SMS OTP

We ensure easy connectivity with your existing systems with our lucid, highly customizable REST APIs.

SMS OTP dashboard to check whether an OTP message was successfully delivered, failed, or had other delivery problems.

Use numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric combinations to generate powerful, extremely secure 3 to10 digit OTPs.

SMS OTP is one of the components of verity’s full-stack verification suite, along with OTP and Voice OTP, which serve as fallbacks to the SMS OTP to assure successful deliveries.

Receive SMS OTP status updates and verification procedure confirmations in response to your queries.

Our SMS OTP Security is entirely secure because of our well-established protocols. Therefore, your customer data is completely safe with us.

Bulk SMS Api

We are ready to help you develop an excellent communication experience for your users.

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Benefits of SMS OTP

No waiting time

OurOTP SMS Service is with lightning-fast API connectivity. With exceptional efficiency, messages can be delivered in as low as 6 to 8 seconds.

User data verification

They can also be used in lead qualifying processes to evaluate the value and accuracy of the contact information in your database or to ensure its legality.

Enhanced security

Multi-factor authentication systems ask the user for credentials like their email address and password before requesting a temporary code to do a second identity check.

Lower friction

Thanks to SMS OTP verification, users can log in without remembering a password. Once the registration has been confirmed, the system will automatically provide a code to authorize access.

Fraud prevention

You may stop the same person from taking advantage of a bargain by utilizing different email addresses. Coupon campaigns can use temporary codes to link emails to phone numbers and prevent fraud.