4 Ultimate strategy - A Successful WhatsApp Marketing for your Business

Today marketers are started focusing more on messaging apps and bot technology. What comes to our mind when we hear Social Networking Platforms? Probably Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,
and  Linkedin. We know that WhatsApp is the worldwide most popular messaging app with more than 1.2 Billions monthly active users. 

User Statistics:

  • 70% Users use WhatsApp Daily.
  • 2nd Most used messaging app.
  • 55 Billion message are sent through WhatsApp everyday.
  • 175 Billion people use WhatsAPP status daily.
  • 100 Million Voice  calls are made every day.
  • 55.6% Top messaging service in 55.6% 

Why should you use WhatsApp for business? 
The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that many of your customers are probably already using WhatsApp More than 60 billion conversations are already taking place through WhatsApp every
single day. It makes us even more convenient to target customers who are already using it.

WhatsApp as a powerful marketing tool that has viral growth in business reach and engagement.

Take a look at why a business should include WhatsApp marketing as a marketing strategy. 

  1. The newly WhatsApp allows businesses to use their landline numbers to register for the app.
  2. Connect Any WhatsApp Number Globally – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to access other WhatsApp users on all locations. This helps to catch the attention and pull the customers to purchase and invest in the products and services of your brand.
  3. You can Send Audio files, Video files, Documents, Links, Location, and Pictures through WhatsApp.
  4. Now you can set up automated replies to Whatsapp group and private messages.

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