5 Reasons to use Bulk SMS Marketing in 2018

It might be up against rivalry from web-based instant messaging apps, for example, 
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but all the indications are that 
SMS marketing is just as important as ever and is likely to remain a highly important platform for
many more years to come. So why should you choose bulk SMS marketing to promote your
business in 2018?

•    SMS messaging is compatible with every handset-even if it isn't a smartphone.

•    An internet connection is not required to receive SMS messages - means 
     SMS can reach every mobile user.

•    Most people respond to text messages within seconds. Gets more priority over other alerts.

•    An estimated more than 78% of the India population have a mobile phone and 
     most of them carry with them almost 24x7. It means guaranteed to reach your audience.

•    Bulk SMS marketing allows you to place your message in the palm of your customer’s hand.