5 Reasons now is a right time to start SMS Marketing

Consumers are concerned about their privacy issues, social media channels are made them wary when it comes to interacting with brands through this channels. As we know, it is a noisy and overcrowded space where capturing the users is a real challenge and also it is very expensive medium. With this in mind, this is the perfect time to sift your attention to Bulk SMS marketing – affordable, it is personal and private, high read and response rates. 

An SMS message is truly 1 to 1, it is private and personal, more customer than ever turning their backs on social media over privacy concerns. SMS is become a powerful alternative. 

Restricted Information 
Email address and landline number we can share with thousands of people but when it comes to mobile numbers we are highly selective. When customer choosing you to give their mobile number and opting into SMS marketing.  Customers are implying a desire to hear from you.

When you receive an SMS, you automatically assume it’s personal to you. This is why bulk SMS marketing has high open rate, with over 90% message read within 5 minutes. 

Trust & Transparency     
In the world of social media, you cannot be 100% sure delete means really delete. Whether its picture, post or account. 
The same concern does not exist in SMS marketing, here delete means delete. Giving it a high level of trust and transparency.


Increased Privacy 
Most social media channels gather a huge amount data about us, from our personal data, interest, and preference.  In SMS marketing you just require a name and number, here customers can enjoy complete privacy.