How SMS Marketing Can Help Schools and Colleges

SMS Marketing is the most effective communication medium for schools and colleges. SMS from school to parents is an effective tool for communication as it acts as a connecting bridge in keeping the school, parents, and students in the loop. It will notify and keep them updating of things going on in and out of the school/college premises. Text messages are cost-effective but its outcome on educational can be invaluable. It increases the parent's involvement in their child’s performances and activities.

Bulk SMS for schools will allow you to know if parents have read the messages or not and if it is delivered or not. SMS can also be used as a tool to stay connected with staff. Notify them about the upcoming events or upcoming class/subject and filling staff absentees.

Some of the benefits of sending SMS to parents from schools are:-
Campus enrollment SMS- The School/College can send a notification on admission notice and enrollment forms. It can also notify on renewal or payment of examination fees. Especially in Colleges/Universities the admission fees varies in odd and even semester so with this semester notification ideology it will make them easier and more convenient.

Intimate PT Meeting- This play a vital role in any school or colleges to intimate parents on their child’s activities. Most of the letter are being undeliver at the right time or call being unreceive on sending by the administration but SMS solve over these petty issues and SMS are being deliver at an instant.

Exam updates- The administration can remind the students and parents of examination schedules and class test curriculum.

Emergency updates- SMS is the best way to send emergency messages on leave or conducting emergency meetings. Example if there is a communal riot going on or political strike and a bandh was declare overnight, one SMS from school/college would assure the parents and students regarding the closure of school/colleges.

Events Reminder- The best way to keep intact with all the students about upcoming events so that they can prepare in advance is by sending Bulk SMS a week before( for corporate events like seminar etc) or a day/two before the event( for a special occasion like teacher’s day etc.).

Summer/Winter camp- Send Bulk SMS to all the parents and students on the ongoing or about-to-be camp of the location with other necessary informations and they can prepare themselves with.

Student Retention SMS- We can always ask for a suggestion by sending a poll SMS to parents/students to increase the rate of student retention and to create an interest of students on academic and social support.

Reduce truancy and absenteeism- This will help parents to keep track of their student’s performances and their punctuality. This will reduce the fail percentage as most of the students couldn’t sit for examination due to their unfulfillment of the school/college criteria on attendance especially in India where max. Of the colleges/universities demand on minimum 75% of regular attendance.

Personalised Message- This will help create a strong bond between the administration and the parents as there will be a direct interaction and will create more interest of parents on their child’s activities and increase child’s performances.

Bulk SMS Services for colleges has proven to be the best tool used so far to keep the college visibility high, creating good impression, help synchronous movement of the administration and help students to stay organized.