SMS Marketing for E-Commerce

When you are into e-commerce you know how every tool for driving sales are important in order to get a great ROI. There are multi marketing options these days and finding the right way to promote your e-commerce can be quite a task. SMS Marketing with its unique feature will allow you to reach your customers wherever they are. 

Many of the e-commerce merchants are not using this tool as many aren’t aware of its potential though they have given a digital platform to their products. So here’s the benefit as the competition is low, the opportunity is high. If you are looking for a practical way to rapidly boost your e-commerce sales then you’d consider upgrading bulk SMS into your marketing plans.

What type of SMS you can send?


Promotional SMS - There is no doubt you would want to send out SMS on your available discounts and offers especially during the festive season. Also when you have freebies you would likely want to send out text messages to your potential customers. Study shows that promotional SMS have high open rate & response rate than other forms of marketing.

Transactional SMS - With the help of SMS Marketing you can send automated messages to your customers whenever an order is shipped or a product is purchased from your website. Transactional SMS can only be sent to DND numbers which means with the person’s conscience.

Why Choose SMS Marketing for E-Commerce?


Product Promotion  

Discounts are a great way to build your customer’s trust and subscription list as it helps breaking the virtual barrier between your customers. Sending discounts & offers text can increase the rate of conversion as SMS has the highest opening rate than any other form of marketing. Research shows that it is open within 5 min. after receiving.

Customer Feedback 

Another great way to keep engaging your customer is to get a feedback from them. SMS helps you gather real time feedback from customers on product quality, purchase and shipping experience. Once you conduct such surveys you will learn on to improve your goods & services. Most people prefer text support over a call conversation and thus implementing SMS can be of great help to maintain customer with instantaneous support to the customers.

Shipping & Delivery Updates

There is no other pain while shopping than to wait for the products you desire, a curiosity to know the status of the product you order. Not everyone go to the website to check the status thus sending customer their delivery updates on whether the products are dispatch, location etc via SMS can make your brand stand out. Clever isn’t it?

Send Reminder

Send reminder to your customer regarding the incomplete orders in the cart. Many times abandonment of the cart happens due to internet or website error and later customer end up forget buying them. A friendly follow-up message can encourage them to complete the cart.

Integrate Links

Text messages aren’t limited only to text and numbers. You can integrate with other social channels or put your website link. You can put the link of the products as per the customer’s preference on their last purchase and based on their demographics.

How to make the most out of SMS for your E-Commerce?

  • You need to create a visibility but that doesn’t mean you will keep on sending SMSs to your customers. You should not distract them or intrude their privacy.
  • Messages without call -to-action is worthless. Be wise on how and where to put the prompt call-to-action whether it is the link, text or a call. In order to turn the reader into a customer, you need an attractive message to build a customer’s desire to click on the link of your product.
  • Stay Authentic. Do not be afraid of using abbreviations, emoticons etc. It looks appealing and friendly.
  • Personalize your message when you outreach to have a more effective result. You can include the customer’s name and also add your company name so they will know whom the messages are coming from.
  • Use powerful words to grab your customer’s attention. Words can influence people and it increases the rate of conversion.
  • The power of SMS Marketing lies within the personal touch and the customization it offer.



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