SMS Marketing for Food and Hospitality

SMS marketing becomes very essential for industries. SMS marketing is not only for attracting new customers, it can be also used for brand promotions. Despite the growth of other communication and marketing channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and email, SMS Marketing remains one of the primary communication channels. Research shows that SMS messages have 98% open rate.

Where email open rate is below 20%. More than 90% of SMS are opened less than 3 minutes after they received. Research shows that SMS messages have a 45% response rate. It shows the potential of SMS marketing for your food and hospitality business. Integrating SMS marketing into your hotel, food, and restaurant business marketing strategy will help to connect with your customers easily. 

Enhance Customer Service 
SMS is very useful to enhance your customer service levels. For example, send a text message to your customer notifying that their room has been cleaned and ready for occupation. Notifying customer about today’s menu in dinner.

Check-In and Check Out 
Integrate the entire check in and check out process by SMS. These days many hotels check in check out process is automated, so integrating it with SMS is very simple. 

With Mobiosft Technology, we can integrate our powerful SMS API with your reservations software. This makes a hotel reservation and restaurant booking simple for the customers. With the help of SMS, you can update and send notification of other services and any emergency changes.

Offer Exclusive Discount
SMS has become one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for the food and hospitality industry to drive customers to your restaurant and spa using promotional SMS campaign.
 For example, schedule a message for 10:00 am that offers “10% OFF Pizza in the restaurant today, book before 1 pm.” That will drive a good number of customers and a huge amount of extra business to your restaurant.